Boston, MA

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Keith Orlando

  • I'm a photographer that does software engineering on the side
  • I'm introverted and quiet
  • My PC is more expensive than my car
  • My camera equipment is more expensive than my PC
  • I studied CS at MIT
  • Did I mention I'm quiet?
  • I like classical music and play the piano
  • I probably drink more coffee than I do water

Alright the serious stuff... I currently work for a technology company in the e-commerce and HR app space. I mainly use React to build frontend interfaces and Go to build backend microservices. Lately, however, I've been working with a traditional LAMP stack on Wordpress which powers an educational content provider for working parents and kids at home due to COVID.

Languages & Frameworks

My go-to stack is generally React, Node.js, and either MySQL or MongoDB depending on the application needs. I host all of my apps on AWS.

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